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  • Tropical, low-chill stone fruits!
    Tropical, low-chill stone fruits!
    When we think about growing fruit in warmer parts of the country, we usually think of citrus trees and the classic tropical fruits such as mangoes, avocados, lychees, macadamias, pawpaws, and passionfruit. But many of the varieties we think of as cool climate fruits, like peaches and […]...
  • Long flowering colour - Calibrachoa's
    Long flowering colour – Calibrachoa’s
    Petunias have long been a favourite of the flower grower. With a profusion of bright flowers in a startling range of colours, an ability to tolerate heat and poor soil, and a willingness to flower throughout the year in warm climates, these plants have well and truly […]...
  • Geraldton Wax - Beautiful Wildflower
    Geraldton Wax – Beautiful Wildflower
    Australian wildflowers are grown commercially as cut flowers both here at home and in other countries including Italy, Portugal, South Africa, Israel and the USA. They are hugely important internationally, and the best-selling of them all is the Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium spp.). Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium spp.) – Photo Arnelia […]...
  • Winter flowering Natives!
    Winter flowering Natives!
    Lots of our native plants flower in winter. Grevilleas and Callistemons are probably the mostly well-known and widely grown native flowering shrubs, but there are plenty of others that are well worth growing. One of my favourites is the Australian rice flower, Ozothamnus dismofolius, which is native […]...
  • Cosmos ‘Choca Mocha’ - Chocolate in the garden!
    Cosmos ‘Choca Mocha’ – Chocolate in the garden!
    Chocolate is the most popular sweet in the world the average Australian eats somewhere between 5 and 6 kilograms of the stuff every year. Most of us love chocolate, and so imagine how exciting it would be to have a chocolate scented flower in your garden.   […]...

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