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  • Water Lillies are great for pots!
    Water Lillies are great for pots!
    Many people who like growing plants have at least some growing in pots. Very few of these, though, grow water lilies. Perhaps we just don’t think of water lilies as being good pot plants, and think that we have to have a dam or a lake or […]...
  • Gardening in the Dry
    Gardening in the Dry
    In dry times, it’s really important to be conscious of how we use water. This should be something we think about all the time, but of course it becomes an even more serious when rain is scarce and water supplies are running low. Frankly, I think a […]...
  • It's Hydrangea time!
    It’s Hydrangea time!
    Late spring is hydrangea time. With their lovely neat mounds of lush green leaves, topped by clusters of little buds that grow plumper by the day, they are a highlight in semi-shaded situations from now through to the end of summer. In full bloom, the large, striking […]...
  • This clever shrub has 3 colours on a single plant!
    This clever shrub has 3 colours on a single plant!
    Blue flowers always add a sense of calm and coolness to a garden. While red, yellow and orange accentuate the heat, blues and purples seem to moderate it, especially when complemented with some white. One way to get purple, lavender and white tones in the garden is […]...
  • Summer Flowering Annuals
    Summer Flowering Annuals
    It’s time to pull out pansies and violas and other winter flowering annuals and replace them with something that will put on a show through summer. One of my favourite warm season annuals is Vinca. This tough little thing looks very much like a New Guinea Impatiens, […]...

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