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Eden at Byron - A Nursery and Garden Centre based in beautiful Byron Bay

Here at Eden at Byron we’ve been inspiring gardeners for over 20 years. We’ve helped many people young and old to learn to appreciate the serenity and fulfilling pastime of gardening for pleasure and commercial gain.

New to Gardening?

If you’re new to gardening feel free to pop into our garden centre and chat with one of our qualified horticulturists about the type of garden you want to create. We can assist with any type of gardening questions about greenhouses, flowers, perennials, shrubs, potted plants, evergreens, seedlings, vegetable gardens and annuals - you name it, we can help you with it.

Need Plants and Gardening Supplies?

Edible Plants

We have one of the largest ranges of edible plants in the Byron Bay area and have a wide range of herbs and vegetable seedlings to choose from. We also stock locally grown fruit trees, mushroom kits, seed potatoes and asparagus crowns.

General Purpose Plants

We have a great range of plants for all uses.

Screening Plants

are great for hiding concrete or unwanted urban views or the less desirable sections of your garden.


are an effective way to spread plants across a wide area and subdue weeds. Typically groundcovers require little maintenance and minimal watering. Plants like Gardenia augusta 'Radicans', Juniperus conferta or the popular Grevillea 'Bronze Rambler' are all great options for your garden. Talk to us today about groundcovers.

Flowering Shrubs

are perfect for adding a little colour to your garden, lawn or deck / outdoor area. These popular plants also have the added benefit of attracting native birds, bees and other insects. We have a great range of native flowering shrubs and foreign introductions that will look fantastic in any garden or outdoor area.

Bird Attracting Plants

If you love birdlife and would like to attract native and migratory birds to your garden take a look at our wonderful range of bird attractors. There are different plants that attract different bird types form nectar eating birds (Honeyeaters, Weebils and Spinebills), fruit and seed eating birds (Fig Parrots, Whipbirds and other Rainforest Birds), insect eating birds (Shrikes, Robins, Noisy Minors, Swallows, Thornbills and Fantails).

Water Plants

Great if you have a pond, water feature or a large body of water on your property. We stock a wonderful range of water lilies (tropical and hardy), lotus, deep water plants, pond plants, floating plants and submerged plants.

Natives and Indigenous Species

our range of native plants will suit many types of soil and growing conditions. We stock acacias, banksias, callistemons, dryandras, eucalypts, grevilleas, melaleucas and waratahs. Come in to our nursery located at 140 Bangalow Rd Byron Bay NSW and chat with one of our experienced horticulturists.

Indoor Plants

If you live in an apartment or have limited space or just enjoy having plants indoors, you’ll love our range of beautiful indoor plants. We stock a great range of figs, lilies and xanadus that will look great in your home and are easy to keep.

Pots and Garden Decor

With a great range of imported pots to choose from you will be overwhelmed by our range. From terracotta, glazed, lightweight and ceramic we have a range and a size to suit the plant and position you want.

We love plants and gardens, gardens, and everything that goes with them.

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